Michele Mayama

Michele Mayama has evolved a unique and effective means of assisting people to gently lift to consciousness and release with love any adaptive patterning, beliefs, trauma, or unconscious emotional memories and imprints. Such patterning may surface through physical symptoms, emotional or relational pressures, economic stress, unhappiness, or lack of passion for life. She can also effectively work with relationships at the soul level and has assisted couples, families or co-workers to see, understand, and begin to resolve unconscious core issues.

Although some people may choose to work with Michele for longer term transformational support, one or sometimes two sessions are usually enough to shift the patterns that have surfaced and make permanent changes.

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From Michele: In January, 1983, I was working full-time for the Catholic church at the Diocesan level. I was preparing to do a series of workshops on personal renewal, and I asked in prayer about what I should share. This was the response:

Tell them about Me.
Tell them about My Love for them.
Tell them to Love each other, to pray,
to look for Me everywhere.
They are Spirit, they are Divine, all else is illusion.
Tell them to trust Me. I am present to each one to love and guide them always.
My child, let Me be who I am for you, in you,
for only you can release more of
My Love to work in the world.

About My Work

Thus began my experiences as a conscious channel, and this message has been at the core of my work ever since. The last 33+ years has deepened the practical mystic within me who has long been semi-conscious but unable to articulate all of what I sensed and knew. In the early years of my channeling I was thoroughly trained and taught by a group of six Spirit Teachers who insisted that I learn to open and read the multi-dimensional “book” of my own experience (also known as the Akashic Records). I therein learned how to access the causal levels of any manifested experience and open it to consciousness, then to Love and restore to balance.”

This has become the basis of my work with individuals and has also been applied to families, groups, organizations, buildings, and locations in the Earth calling for healing. As I facilitate wholeness with others I am also restored to deeper and deeper levels of my own capacity to experience all of who I am, and simultaneously all of creation.

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